Bio-Clean International, Inc. (BCLE)

Worldwide Bulk Potable Water Supplier

Bio-Clean International, Inc. (Stock Symbol: BCLE)

Bio-Clean International provides bulk potable water
from renewable/sustainable sources to water-stressed regions of the world

Call (714) 514-5624 or
for bulk potable and water related needs.

bulk potable water supplier

As experienced specialists in the field, we also provide consulting services to customers and distributors for bulk water carriers, effective bulk water shipping and discharge, infrastructure, and construction and operations of related on-shore and off-shore loading facilities such as; floating platforms, tank farms and storage hubs.

We arrange for shipments of bulk potable water supplies to smaller access-restricted ports, internationally. This includes, packaging water into flexi tank containers for emergency shipment, distribution and delivery.

worldwide bulk potable water supplier

Bulk Portable Drinking Water for Sale

Providers of Drinking Water in Large Quantities to Water-Stressed Countries Worldwide.

Do You Need Drinking Water in Bulk for Bottling or Distribution?

We supply large quantities of renewable, fresh potable water and provide for bulk transport to ports worldwide.

If you have a need to purchase large quantities of fresh drinking water in bulk contact us directly at the address and telephone number below, or by email at With over fifteen (15) years experience providing bulk potable water internationally; our experts are ready to assist with your potable water purchase and delivery requirements.

Bio-Clean International, Inc.
74998 Country Club Dr., Suite 220 #52
Palm Desert, California USA 92260
Phone (714) 514-5624

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